Friday, February 19, 2010

Sweet Almond Lotion Bar.

My sweet almond lotion bar with a yummy scent of coconut and vanilla.

My skin has been screaming dry since day one I got back from Thailand to an icy street of New York City. I feel like having something to easily rub it on my skin, especially on rough and dry spots like a back of my hands, elbows, feet with no oozy-mess feeling of lotion or cream.

So, lotion bar is my choice. It is very easy to make, just an equal part of oil, bee wax and butters, melt together in microwave, (in my bar, I later added 2 tablets of vitamin E and a tiny dash of FO) stir well, pour into a mold, let it cool. When it hardens, it will pop off the mold.

I made one 1.50 oz. bar for myself just that I don't want to stock up on this kind of thing. Spring is just around the corner, this perfect palm-size bar will last me until then.

Now, I keep it within reach, rub it on only the spots that is needed, whenever I need it - truly a good stuff to keep close to my hands and get rid of the itchiness.

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