Monday, February 15, 2010

Oh-So Coconut shell.

Coconut shell soap tray with my handmade coconut lavender soaps.

During our last visit at Jatujak market, the biggest weekend market in Thailand, of our trip in Thailand, I saw a lot of coconut shell products there, from home furniture, lamps, handbags, buttons, tableware, kitchenware etc. all that can be made out of these versatile coconut shell, they were all there.

I remember the first time I saw the coconut shells made into something unseen-of was almost fifteen years ago. It was coconut shells made into woman evening bags and some forms of jewelry by my friend, Moo, who's then living on Koh Tao, a diving paradise island in the Gulf of Thailand.

He opened a small shop and sold his crafts to visitors there before moving to UK five years later. All of the stuffs in his shop were made out of coconut shells, which I think it is a brilliant idea to make a living on the island full of coconut trees.

But then he designed to move to UK with his British girlfriend and got married there. His craft shop was closed eventually. My memories of seeing coconut shells in another forms of products was faded too.

its legs look a bit awkward to me. They don't go with the beautiful textured petals.

I believe the coconut shell products have been around for quite sometime, only that I wasn't there to see them rise.

So in this trip, I was so excited to see these coconut shells made into different kinds of shapes and forms and, of course, functions all over Jatujak market. I think these hard shells are cool in their own ways. I wish I had the ability to take them all home if the airline allowed me to pack more than 50 lb a bag.

Well then, all I could grab was these cute coconut shell soap trays. I bought enough for my friends as a gift to go along with my handmade soaps.

Some products made out of coconut shells at Jatujak market in Thailand.

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