Saturday, February 20, 2010

Tradditional Thai Patterns on Fabrics.

One of my mission of taking a trip back to Thailand, besides visiting our families, is to grab Thai fabric as many as I can do, and bring back to my studio in NYC. I know I can make great stuffs out of this beautiful fabric.

In Thailand, we call this kind of fabric Pa-ly, which is another kind of Pa-Tunk or sarong fabric in English. It is a piece of soft and tight woven cotton fabric that is sewed, joined together into a big bag with no bottom for women to wear.

My lovely 99 year-old grandma, Pann, in her usual Pa-Ly and a cotton summer blouse in a hot day.

The patterns are tradition Thai motif most commonly seen in Thai art and crafts. In the past, this type of fabrics were more likely worn as a sarong by an elders - like my granny, but not any more.

Left : Pa-Patae Right : Pa-Ly

In my recent trip to Thailand, I'd seen a lot of this Pa-ly made into a modern design clothing like pants, skirts or use in decoration in some type, and I love it!....

Finally, this fabric get more respect rather than be categorized into just sarongs for elders. It is just a piece of very nice and soft cotton fabric that can be made into just about anything.

And that's why I made sure I have these beautiful fabric with precious pattern design in my studio.

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Sam said...

I agree those are beautiful pattern. I can't wait to see your work.