Friday, May 29, 2009

Scallop the Underwear Bag

A new product for my shop. Most of the times when we've got to travel, my husband is the one who packs our bags. He's good at it, and this linen underwear bag totally makes him happy.

I designed it to have two separated bags in one pack - one is for unworn underwear with a WEAR ME label , another one with WASH ME label is for already worn. It is good for a short trip that doesn't need a laundry while we are on the trip.

I still go with linen, my favorite fabric. It gives an earthy, and understated feeling, and also luxury at the same time. I lined the two separated bags with two different colors silk linings.

I named them Scallop because I need something ocean, again?...and from the way they close. First I wanted the name Giant Scallop, but it was too long, so, just the scallop is good.

Again I think this underwear bag might make your trips a bit more organized and easier. You can stop by and check it out at my shop. And, have a good trip out there.

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Pimporn said...

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