Saturday, May 23, 2009

Pin Cushion Pad

Finally!!...I can go back and do something else. I wanted to work on my new project, but I was so preoccupied with this pin cushion I had in my mind. I couldn't move on until I have it done. I've been dealing with these little pins all over the floor when I was sewing, and it might cause my husband to divorce me someday if I didn't do something.

While I was sewing, all the pins from the fabric would end up on the table, I found that my little pumpkin pin cushion awkwardly get in the way, so I don't really use it when I was sewing, and that those pins on the table are more likely wiped down by either the fabric or my sleeve. So this sewing machine-wrap-around pin cushion made out of industrial felt fastening with tiny snaps attached to elastics will do a good job.

1 comment:

suesueb said...

great idea! my pin holder is magnetic and i love it but it does get in the way. i could maybe make a magnetic one like yours? thanks for sharing!!