Sunday, May 31, 2009

Oops! Coasters On The Table, Please

Oops! Coasters

I finally completed my fun coaster collection. When I first got the idea of this collection of coasters I already knew what it's going to look like, but the problem was the materials I wanted at that time was not available for me.

Shh! Coasters

I love buying all my materials in local stores before going on the internet even though sometime they don't have what I want at the moment, but if they told me they will have it later, I can wait. I have been waiting for industrial black felt from my fabric store for quite sometimes, finally they have it for me, and now, I completed the collection.

Oh Ohh! Coasters

This idea came one day, in Summer 2007, when I was drinking a glass of iced water, all of the sudden my eyes were fixed at a pool of water seeping through the bottom of my glass, the next thing I knew I was sketching the shape of water strain, and the ideas took off from there. I love it, when this kind of thing happen to me. A lot of good things in my life come form the unexpected moments, only that I need to pay close attention into them.

They are now available at my shop

Do not put a cup of coffee on your book

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