Monday, February 2, 2009

Double Faces Passport Holder

It's time to fly again. We're finally be able to make up our schedule to take a trip to Thailand, after a long dragging restoration of gas lines in our building which has been keeping us hanging like prisoners in our own apartment.

I open a drawer to check our passports, and realized we need a passport holder- a really nice and functional one. It's just about time. I can't count how many times we fly, still, we both have never had a very good and functional passport holder, we always end up walking around with scattered traveling documents inserted in a book, envelope, some occasions, in plastic bag.

I've been using an ugly, small, fake leather passport bag I bought ten years ago - my husband has none. A poor thing can fit only a passport and nothing else. Whenever we travel together our passports will be crammed together in one passport bag that can't even close.

I searched for passport holders on the webs, thinking I would buy a new one for this trip. After a few browsing, I changed my mind . My passport holder is definitely not out there. Most of the time my husband and I travel together, so we need a passport holder that can fit two passports in one place, and also have enough spaces for other traveling documents - tickets, airline cards, boarding passes, etc.

Most passport holders are designed to fit one book. It's a logical design, of cause, but, sometimes we need somethings that beyond a logic. I might not search hard enough that I couldn't find the one I need, so, I know I have to design and make it myself.

How about plain, leather, business-like passport holder? Nah!!...been there, done that...too boring now. Sometimes life is much more interesting when we let our childishnesses to come out and fly with it. Linen fabric is still my fabric of choice - can't get enough of them, they always make me feel homey when I travel.

Now one of my traveling problem is perfectly solved. I made more in different color....oh!...I can't travel with only one colors, I just can't. And also made enough for sharing because there might be someone out there who might need a double-face passport holder just like me.

They are now available in my shop


Blackmagpie said...

oh wow, these are wonderful, could have been done with these when i went on holiday. i love the lashes!

Dorith said...

I love your passport holders!!! I do have it all the time on vacation...where do I put my passposrt, my money and creditcards? :)
This is so great! And you also sew them véry nice!!
greetings Dorith, The Netherlands
(do a little personal swap sometime? ;))