Thursday, January 15, 2009

Smiling Water Buffalo Camera Cozy.

The pass holidays my husband and I were agree on not buying things for each other, still I got a new digital camera from him and he got nothing from fair! We both love cameras, taking photos as well as collecting them. He is always on the look out for interesting cameras, mostly old feature cameras. I don't really know how many of them in his drawer now, he always has a new camera to show me off.

There is one lovely Rollei camera he mentioned that he doesn't like its case. There are tons of boring, black leather camera cases out there and this is one of them, I agree.

Since I got him nothing, I decided to opened up my sketch book and started drawing a pattern for his Rollei case I knew he would love it. I used three different kinds of linen fabrics reinforced with felt for cushioning, put on his name and one lovely water buffalo at the back.

Why's water buffalo? I just wanted to give water buffalos a little spot to shine since they are always in the shadow when people think of lovely, cute animals, and are given unfair reputations. Now those people can see how cute these animal are, especially when they are smiling.

As much as I am, too, not a big fan of those boring camera cases, I made one for my brand new Canon PowerShot SD880 as well. I first made a regular size fitting perfectly for the camera, but then something is still bothering me.

I hated it when the battery was dead in the middle of shooting and I didn't have a supported battery in hand just because I forgot to take it with me, or just felling annoyed to carry too many little things along - I designed another specific size with tiny pocket inside the bag for a supported battery, and I LOVE it. I now can just carry only one tiny bag with a camera and a battery on my wrist and good to go.

We both love our now camera cozies, and I already thought of making them in different colors.

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