Monday, February 16, 2009

Cashew Nuts Grow On My Wall

Cashew nuts on my wall

My husband's favorite Thai dish is Chicken Cashew Nuts. My favorite tree is Cashew nut trees. When Ikea Brooklyn opened, we went there just to check things out, I spotted one of their show room wall with huge black and white leaves wallpaper. This wallpaper was calling my name, and I couldn't answer them. I came home and slept with that leafy wallpaper in my mind for two days then decided that I would go out and get a can of black paint....I'll paint my own leafy wallpaper....Thanks Ikea.

Ikea's show room

As I said, we both love somethings of Cashew nuts. My husband was so excited when he saw Cashew trees the first time he went to my parents' s house. He'd never seen it before, and never known how beautiful the fruits are, as for me, the Cashew nut trees are my monkey bars growing up with. So, when I decided to paint a leafy wall, Cashew nut trees was number one thing in my mind because they have very beautiful shapes and forms in branches, leaves and fruits.

Cashew Tree at my parents' s house, Thailand

My Cashew Nut drawing in 2006

It took me an hour to do freehand drawing on the wall with pencil using pictures of the trees my husband took the last time we went back to Thailand for a guide of the shapes and forms of branches, leaves and fruits, and it took me two days to finish the painting.

Getting there

also bats' s favorite fruits

I didn't want to overwhelm the small space by painting on a whole wall, so I chose a build-in closet door standing up to the ceiling next to the couch in our tiny living area for the painting.

I love it. It gives a room more interesting vibe and character, and the best of the best is that I paid just a small can of interior black paint.

Our little nook under the Cashew nut tree

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j. Winkel said...

this is great. Ikea is in Brooklyn now? I miss NYC