Saturday, March 14, 2009

Happy Times Soaps

I made new batches of Spring soap to swap with Thai soapers from Thaibubbles. The scents are just perfect for spring. I was trying to make a perfect swirl, but I got no luck.

Grapefruit Blossom

Bubba Grapes

The batches needed to be trimmed at all sides, and left some soap remnants. I didn' t want to waste it, so I shape it with my hands into these Soft Rocks. They could be a nice gift for my friends.

The Soft Rocks

1 comment:

Dorith said...

O yammy! Your soap looks like delicious cakes. I think they really are beautifully made!
I com here and read your BLOg almost every day!
Dorith Wielinga
The Netherlands