Friday, December 5, 2008

Happy Holidays from me to you.

I am so excited to send out my holidays gifts. Since making soap is my new gig, my holidays gift of this year couldn't be anything else.

My luxe soaps are ready to be sent out. I have turned our tiny apartment into a little soap factory just for now. Soaps take up all shelves for edging and they are now ready to be wrapped up with beautiful wrapping papers. I dragged my husband to go wrapping paper hunting with me around Manhattan. We ended up at Kate's Paperie eventually.

How can you go wrong when you are in Kate's when it comes to papers. I got very lovely wrapping papers I know will go fabulously with my soaps.

And...since I have been making body lotion for myself and my husband, there is no exception for my friends - they will get a nice jar of body lotion too. They come in package, of course.

All right people, my gifts to you is ready....Happy Holidays

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