Saturday, November 8, 2008

Dara Hat, the New Star has arrived.

Waahoo.....I've finally gotten a new hat for the coming Winter. Since Pui Hat was launched in winter 2006, it's been a good feedback from those who love wearing them. What makes me happy most is that I have gotten return customers for these hat, and that means a lot to me. It's not about how much I make from these hats, but it is all about how people love them, and when they come back for more, it makes me want to lock them up in my apartment, and keep making more hats just for them.

This winter I finally finish a new design. Since I still love the look of Pui Hat, the Dara Hat is designed based on Pui Hat's pattern, only a little adjustment here and there is needed, so that the Dara Hat will have its own character.

The 20's influence is still lingering in the air I breathe in.....Faaaabulous!

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