Saturday, October 4, 2008

Honey In a Bar

This is totally a soap week. I made a batch of baby soap which was cut by cookie cutters and left a lot of scraps. Since it is a pure soap - no scent, no color added, it's perfect for hand-mill. I just got a brand new honeycomb mold from betterbee. I am not a big fan of shape molds actually, but this one is exceptional - they are too cute to resist - make a perfect visual of honey soap for my aunt who loves using pure honey on her face every night before bedding.

Besides the yummy taste we all know form honey, let me make it a yummy look too. So I made the top thin layer to look like a coat of real honey. Pure honey was mixed with turmeric powder which is known for having antioxidant and skin-lightening properties as we all Thai women use it to mix with yogurt and tamarind paste and put them on as facial mask. It's kind of from- mother - to - daughter beauty secret.

My aunt always called me in when she put pure honey on her face and applied some on my face which I hated it then. It is a bad idea to put a sticky yummy thing on five year old girl's face because it isn't only the face get sticky, all hairs also stick all over the face - not to mention how hard it is trying to lick your own face.

I know she will love these yummy honey soaps I made it for her. It's time to get back.....with love, absolutely! and no more stickiness on the face.

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