Tuesday, July 1, 2008

After The Meal

We are now living in such a mess. Every things in the apartment were pulled out of their places waiting for the places to be fixed. I will not be able to do my works for a while...a BIG while....and now I'm bored then this morning I got an email from my friend, Suzanne, she wanted me to take photos of her little Nina who I haven't seen a while and I can't wait to do it.

I always have a camera with in reach so that I can use it when ever the moment is right just like these two photos I took after finishing our lunch. I don't care about all the theories they say about how to take photos. All the theories I believe in is in my eyes when it comes to taking photos and as I said, "It has to be a right moment." When the moment is right, there is no need to call for all theories or any super techniques. It is already completed by itself, just press a shutter.

There was a tiny spot in our apartment that we can sit and had lunch. After finishing lunch I was still sitting there didn't really want to move - no where to move - sitting there lazily with my hands at my chin. The only things moving were my eyes, and that how I saw these two photos. I saw it in my mind first then I got up and picked up a camera. I just felt the stillness within the messiness with the help of the natural light from the windows.

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J.A.S. said...

nice pictures, regards