Saturday, March 1, 2008

Spring into Tote Action

Tote bag again. I need a tote bag rehab, I think. I can't get enough of them, especially cotton tote bags. They must be sewn with some kind of voodoo thread or some sort that makes me fall for them any time I spot them. Sometimes I just wish that I would have ten arms so I can throw, at least, ten tote bag on my ten shoulder at once, Oh...that's scary *0*

I love the simplicity that these kind of bags has to offer. To me, they tone down my out-fits, make my day a casual day, walking around town and now they even put me into trend - Save-the-Earth trend even though I still have a lot to learn how to make the Earth "green" when I usually run for my life when I see worms...but, hey we changed all the light bulbs to the save-energy, save-the-Earth one already...I'll do more.

Now back to tote bags - my favorite tote bags are from Strand, my favorite book store..well..sometimes I would say I HATE them the fact that I can't resist spend my money on them every time I am there, besides carrying great new & used books, they always have cute tote bags on the wall calling my name and, as always, I FALL for it, darn!!! If my husband left me, blame the tote bags.

I am so ready for spring, my spring tote bags are set, ready to be out there. I felt in love with the pattern and colors as soon as I saw them.

The new-leaf green is so fresh, the pattern is bold enough to make all the leaves wilt and it is linen fabric - one of my favorite fabrics. I bought the green and finished the bag. As soon as I finished it, I knew I had to go back to the store again the next day for the Black & White, so I can sleep at night....It just, when you like it, you want to have it in every colors....

Hello Spring!!!

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