Sunday, March 23, 2008

A Hat that is right.

"You are so picky" I heard myself saying inside my head when I tried on winter hats trying to fine the right winter hat for my first super cold winter in New York. My ears are sensitive to the cold, they hurt so bad. I bought a bunch of hats wishing they'll keep my head warm as well as my ears - I got none, well, they do for my head, but, not for my ears and I'm not a big fan of those ski, earflap hats either. So, I went for the extreme - buying big fox fur earmuffs just for my ears.

Can't just beanie hats cover up my ears too? Why don't they make it so? I believe they have them somewhere just are not on my path. In my second years living in extremely cold winter of New York City with a pile of hats that I don't like, I was done...I'm going to make it myself.

I know how to make a basic, simple beanie, but those beanie can't cover my ears and if they can what I get as an extra is the flap at the nape of my neck and I don't like it, so, I need to do some pattern experiments.

I gathered my thought
- What shape of the hat I like : a cool riding cap.
- What look I love : classic 20's look with flower on one side.

Then started the pattern experiments. I ended up with two BIG shopping bags filled with the experiment hats in different kinds of yarns and colors before getting to the right pattern with the right yarn.

Finally I got what I'd been looking for. I'm so happy with it. It has a vintage look - with a flower, of course, it covers my ears, yet feel comfortable. My first real hat was in purple then black, white, off white, fuchsia and more colors every years. When I was walking around town with these hats, people started to ask me where did I get it? then I started to make and give them away for my sister and friends.

I still remember the first time I wore my hat, before stepping out of the building I said to my husband, "If people stopped me on the street and asked about this hat I will make it for sale." And there she was. "I like your hat where did you get it?", and I do what I say.

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