Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Little Tomatoes.

I love the idea of amigurumi and I love to play the buyer when it comes to having a very cute stuffed creature for myself or for others as a gift. Even though it always amazes me when I find some patterns of super cute amigurumi creatures, yet I have not felt the urge for making one with those patterns, but, still I want to do amigurumi - the one that I feel like it is...ME

Now, I've found it. The Little Tomatoes is my Amigurumi - as simple as the crocheted balls. It just popped out of my head one day when I thought of my adorable, little girl Nina, a daughter of my friends, Suzanne and Rob. She will become a toddler soon - what kind of toys the toddlers love to play with I want to make one for her.....a ball...Eureka!!!

My first Little tomato as a sketch
As far as I kept crocheting my Little Tomatoes the pictures of series of my art works called "The flowers in the field" and another one called "House" came into my mind. It was the embossing technique on blank Fabiano papers with a few dots of cut out saa fine translucent papers - Thai handmade papers - represented the colors of objects. It was a white on white with a few tiny drops of colors kind of concept which I love so much. Some of my art works were bough by Pratuang Emjaroen, one of Thai famous artist the day he came to open the art exhibition at my university, some are hanging on the walls of the art department.

As I looked at the blank amigurumi ball, I looked at them as blank Fabiano or blank canvas that I will put stories on.

First group of sketching
And that is the starting point of making my amigurumi balls inspired by my art works and a six months old baby.

The Little Tomatoes - Black and White

And a tiny dot of color
The Little Tomatoes and the Gang

My next round of harvesting when they are ripe enough, the colors will come out.

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