Saturday, March 29, 2008

Ready!...Set!...Go POLKA-DOT, 2008

That's right! I'm going polka-dot for this spring and summer. My first top of summer, 2008 is finished. I can't wait to wear it. I don't know if I can beat last year - I made myself four summer dresses and one top which I love them all. The top has become my favorite that I have to make it again this year in different pattern - big, red polka-dot - last year was black & white cow print with a little bright orange bow in the front.

I repeated this design for this year. It fits my figure - covers up what I want it to be covered, accentuates what I want it to be, and is so airy. I got this bold, red polka-dot cotton fabric for $3 yard. It's a light cotton with very bright, red dots. I loved it when I saw and knew I could make somethings nice out of this bold print -didn't think of making the top though.

Two weeks after I got a fabric I was browsing round the Gap and ended up going home with a very nice khaki, wide legs pants. After walking round in my apartment with the pant for one hour, the red polka-dot hit me - Red, White and Khaki - are LOVELY together and two week later after wandering around Forever21, I got another pare of denim wide-leg pants on sale for $10. I'm done for pants for this spring.

The next day I started working on patterns, did some adjustment, cut fabrics and hit a sewing machine the other day. VOILA I got a new top and two new pairs of pants ready for a very nice day of spring and summer 2008

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