Monday, February 4, 2008

As simple as Feel Good Dolls.

Besides the soothing scent of lavender inside the dolls, these dolls might give you some ideas of seeing the simpleness.

The simplest thing can sometimes bring you the most interesting thing into you life, and that what Feel Good Dolls are all about. I love the pureness that comes out of the first thought when I think of somethings. It is the rawness that is hidden inside that thought. For example, my first drawing of flowers when I was three years-old was a simple, single, five petals kind of flowers. That was how I pictured the flowers. Today my favorite flowers are the flowers that have a simple shape like Frangipani flowers or simple, five petals flowers like Hibiscus......

I used to work in an advertising business, everyday I have to cook up my thought to create the over the top, kickass advertising campaigns after campaigns, my brain was automatically trained to work in more complex ways. It was the time that I had never drawn my simple, five, petals flowers. When somebody asked me to draw flowers they would come out more in the complicated layers after layers of petals kind of flowers.

Now, my life is in a chill-out mode. I'm going back to the simpleness, trying to get rid of all the complicated ideas and ways of living, so, I can feel lighter. As to make the Feel Good Dolls, I try not to, what I call, put in too much design, instead I rather just let it be, and let the dolls create themselves . All I need to do is to put the simple ingredients together and let the dolls do the rest.

The rough sketch in 2005....Call them cute?

I don't know about cute, but I smell GOOD


I made them out of print, cotton fabrics, the simplest fabric that, to me, offer a great deal of comfort. The next thing I need was a face that effortlessly smiles back to me. A cut-out face with cut-out eyes and mouth also came from a simple idea of making a face. As soon as I put a face on a doll, my job is over. Then, each doll starts to create its own character from its own skin.

The prints on fabric give stories in cut-out eyes and mouth. Though all dolls are made with the same print fabric, each of them has different expressions and stories that happen in their eyes and the mouth. Just like people, each Feel Good Doll will never be identical to one another, and that is what I like about making them.

I get excited every time I put a face on each doll because I'll never know what kind of expressions or stories will come out from each doll's eyes and mouth, and, yes, they always amaze me. Now, I am obsessed with making them. And, because of my love of fabrics, I cannot just limit myself to choose only a few prints to make Feel Good Dolls when there are tons of beautiful prints out there in this world are calling my attention, and this is another fun part of working with print fabrics - I will never know what kind of looks, expressions and stories that the different prints will bring to the different dolls.

My personal doll, the one and the only

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Espectadora said...

No sé si entenderás este comentario, yo no entiendo tu idioma, pero intuyo mucho arte en este blog, y lo visitaré asunque solo sea visualmente.
Sé que has pasado por el mío, tengo un espía que me lo ha dicho.
Te dejo mis saludos desde Barcelona-España