Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Ars Longa, Vita Brevis

As the art students we are all familiar with this Latin phrase - Art is long, Life is short.

This one was done in 2005

As far as I remember I scrabble, draw, paint since I know how to hold a pencil and crayon and never let it go since. My bedroom wall was my personal art gallery wall. I made my own comic book since I was 8, had my first art exhibition when I was 18, as an art student studying art and graphic design at Suandusit Rachapat University, Thailand. I love painting - it makes my mind stays with my body. I did a lot of painting and drawing when I was in school because the fact that it was part of my studies, and I hated it when I had to burn the midnight oil just to hand out my painting to the professor on time in the morning.

I graduated in 1993 and right away hit on an advertising agency working as a copywriter and later a creative director for eight years and had never picked up the painting brushes since. I was too busy running around in this cut throat business - my mind had never stayed with my body.

In 2005, I picked up my painting brushes the first time after all these years - it took a lot of brush up. I always love to have paintings on my wall, instead of buying it, I will make it myself.

It was my first painting since 1993. I wanted to have some touches of tropical feeling in my apartment - I love Hibiscus, and now I have it on my wall.

Self-portrait oil painting

I never have a self-portrait painting before - it's great to have one in every houses. So, I picked photos from my photo album, this pictures of us taken when we were on vacation on Koh Pa-ngan, a lovely island in The Gulf of Thailand, in the South of Thailand. It took me roughly three - four days to finish each painting....I put them together on the wall next to the I have my own painting gallery again.


My next project is I'm going to either paint or draw each of my family members. I did my grandma. She is now 96 living in Thailand with my parents. She is my lovely old lady who is still going strong in her everyday life.....

Grandma Pand

I believe everybody have their senses of artistic inside. You just need sometimes to discover and bring it out - somethings that you can value for the rest of your life.

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