Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Mangosteen HP soap for the recuse

We are totally running out of our handmade soap. My last bar in a shower is now as thin as a paper, which, I think, can give me another 3-4 days of rubbing.

Obviously, I need an emergency new batch which is usable within a week, and I can't do that with CP (cold process) soap, which normally takes, at least, 4 weeks to cure and be usable.

So, HP soap is the only solution I have now (buying the store soaps has become prohibit in our house since I started making soaps.)

Because of this is an emergency batch and also my first time making HP soaps, I thought I better made it a small batch - only 20oz. - perfect for four of the 5oz soap molds.

And yep!...first time's already charmmmm for me. My HP soap didn't want to come out from its molds - maybe because of there is too much  soft oils I used for this batch - I hit, kicked, threw them on the floor, put in the freezer....nope!!...nothing came out.

The only way-out I had was to scoop it out with a spoon, which means I will not get pretty bars of soap as I expected, for sure.

I decided to reshape them, and pretend they are cool stone-like soaps, which I think will look cool in my shower anyway. I also got two extra muffin soaps for hand watching in the kitchen when I ran out of molds.

Next project waiting is lip balms and winter lotion. Spending time in Thailand for four months left me so many things to get done here in NYC.

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