Thursday, October 20, 2011

Handmade Slippers for Fall

Yep! I'm feeling it. Strong wind brings chill to my skin, and our floor is getting too cold to walking around the house barefoot  like we always love to do during the Summer.

For this Fall, I've promised myself that I am going to make a pair of slippers....Yep!!I'm going to do it.

I'm very fond of Japanese craft books and magazines, even though I can not read a word of it, I'll find the way to make it happened anyway, and because of that, I have the whole shelf filled with Japanese's.

There are many cute handmade slippers that got me so inspired. They made them look so homey and comfy - most Japanese craft books know how to lure you with their perfect photos, and I always fall for that.

I never really have a proper pair of slippers, don't know why. My "slippers" is basically a pair of flip-flop wearing around the house with flip-flop socks. So this is a good thing for me to start this Fall.

I started with an easy feet measurement, drew flat patterns, and went on cutting the fabrics. This is an easy slippers made with interfaced heavy weight cotton, thick industrial felt and soft fleece. Because of there is no stiff material in this slippers, they can be accomplished by home-sewing machine.

Because of its light wight, it's like wearing socks that can be slipped in and out anytime I want - so comfy. I made two more for hubby, and are going to make more - just in case when we have guests come over - they can comfortably take off their shoes and slip in my slippers *~*

Happy Fall, stay warm everybody.

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