Sunday, July 24, 2011

Handmade Shoes

Every time I went back to Thailand, I always make sure to spare some times for visiting Chatuchak market, the huge weekend market in Bangkok.

This market is the mega for all kinds shopping. It's also one of the huge handmade market in Thailand, and a place to go and check for the trend going on in Thailand. This time I only had a half day to walk around the hugemongous market, so I just dashed to find things I knew I got to have it. And one thing is these pair of handmade leather shoe.

I remember having the first pair was 22 years ago. I believe it was Indian people who brings these kind of shoe to Thailand, and, at that time, they can only be found in Indian stores along with all kinds of things from East Asia country.

I love that they can go with almost every kind of outfits I have. The look of the shoe is timeless, to me. How about if I put the Bottega Veneta label on them to match their signature bags....

They need the sole slip resistant pads though, these plain lather is quite slippery. Other than that they are comfy enough to walk in and make me live my life in them through out Summer long. Fun!


Living my 40s said...

interesting when i was younger more than today child i mean my memories in guanajuato market visit is this type of shoe and the artisans paint with a orange color i dont know what is it. Find your blog is super cool!

Anonymous said...

Hi there, can i check with you do you still remember which shop did you get from? I'm goin' to Bangkok next month, hope to get one for my self:-)

pui, ปุย said...

Hi there,

I'm sorry I can't really recall the exact location of the shop I bought these shoe.

Anyway, don't worry, they're easy to find at Chatuchak market once you are there, many shops there selling them.

Don't forget to bargain. You shouldn't pay more than 400 Baht.

Good luck with your trip in Thailand.

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Thank you for your info :D

pui, ปุย said...

You're welcome.

Hitesh Kenjale said...

You can find them at

Very superior in quality and make. I bought a few pairs from them and they are just awesome.