Thursday, July 28, 2011

Blue & White, From Porcelain to My Dress

I felt in love with this blue & white floral pattern on cotton voile at first sight. It reminds me of fine, beautiful, old china.

I kept it locked in a cabinet for a while waiting for summer to come, so I can bring it alive.

I waned to have a simple, but versatile summer dress - very easy and super comfortable to wear, just put on and go for a lazy day, and be able to jazz it up in a flash for some special events.

I decided to make my own patterns making sure they suit my proportion with the V neck both in the front and the back, the skirt part is lined with off-white light lining.

When I started making the dress, I already saw, in my mind, what colors of all accessories I think would make the dress completed, leather brown belts or red, yellow belts - thick and skinny. All kind of solid colors of bangles, even my brand new gold watch will do the magic too.

I am so pleased with the results.

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