Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Heart Still When The Dawn Break

My little sister at the corner dad loved to sit

On March 30th, I dropped everything, packed my bag, and flew 22 hr. back home to Nakorn-Si-Tammarat province, Thailand, when I got the worst news of my life from my sister that my beloved dad had passed away. It was the first time to experience how it feels when people say their whole world has crumbled down. We were all there to see dad off to the beautiful place where one day we would all meet him again.

I spent most of the times being with mom. My brothers and sister had to go back to their works in Bangkok after the funeral. It was the most peaceful time of my life taking in every minutes, every emotions, accepting and learning to be with it, and don't resist it.

The Dawn Breaking flower facing dad's room. His name, Aroon, means dawn in English.

One day, mom woke up form a day nap saying that dad had visited her in a dream telling her, with a smile glowing on his face, that he is now living in a very happy and restful place. We all know he is.

Now when I think of him my heart still, tears still coming down with good memories sometimes. The sadness is still deep in my heart. It was the sadness that I enjoy being with. It's not a bad sadness, but a beautiful and peaceful sadness that I allow myself to get to know and understand it, and will be able to let go someday.

Dad, you are always there everyday the dawn break, my heart is full of the love you gave me, and it will always be with me till we meet again. Love you so much.


Eatable Joys said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you. I'm glad that you can turn those tears of sadness to smiles and positive thinking. Remember those wonderful time you shared with your dad. I know he still watches over you from above.

irobott said...

your writing are fulled of love, I can feel it :)

irobott said...
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