Saturday, March 12, 2011

Waterproof Bikini Bags

Bikini Me...It's time
Enough with the cold. Don't you just miss coconut trees, powder-white sand and a mighty blue ocean already?.....Well, I do.

My new product for Spring and Summer is done. The Waterproof Bikini Bags - no more wet swimsuit in an ugly plastic bag for me...and for you :)

I always wanted to have a bikini bag for my wet swimsuit, but I couldn't find one that is really "Me"

Of course I can make one, and I know how it's going to end up look like, but my burden was to find a nice waterproof fabrics that are not oil-cloth fabrics, and it's got to be soft.

First I found this beeeeautiful vintage looking waterproof print fabric at one of my local fabric store. I felt in love with it right away. I bought and slept with it for a while, didn't want to do anything about it until it found its own match.

prototype made with linen

And, Oh la la, I finally found them, the soft waterproof fabrics. I went out grabbing four different colors of them, and started playing with the shape and design - the most frustrated and fun part of the making, when my hands were too slow than my thought.

Breaking one needle, I finally got the shape of the bag that I like and moved on to the print - one stand out coconut tree at one side and the wording Bikini Me! on another side.

I love the simple look that hides the crazy-pretty at the inside....just like this. They are now made available at my shop. Please check them out. It's time to Bikini You!

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