Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Flannel for Me, Please

I've finally got my new pair of pants for this stormy Winter. When the first blast of winter hit the air, I thought I would make a new pair of pants right away only to realized later that there was no time to play anymore when the Holiday season knocked on my door.

So this soft flannel fabric had been sitting quietly in the fabric cabinet for three months.

As soon as I had room, I hit the floor making pattern, cutting fabric and jumped on a sewing machine, and I got a new pair of comfy pants the next day.

Quite impressed how it turned out - not to tight, not too loose, perfect hem line for my high. I love them already.

The flannel is soo comfortable and warm. At first got the fabric, I thought that I was going to make a PJ out of it, but then, as I was making pattern, laying down the fabric, I changed my mind thinking it could be made into a cool pair of pants, instead of just a PJ.

And I think I've made the right decision - at least, they would make me look more "snappy" when I had to make a dash to the post office for urgent deliveries during the day, instead of looking beyond "cool" in a PJ all day.

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