Thursday, January 27, 2011

Easy Transfer for Perfect Embroidery

There are many times that I have to make neat embroideries for my customer's orders, especially when it involves with some specific fonts that I don't think my free hand drawing will make a perfect end result.

So, I use a flour pouch-transfer technique to transfer the pattern to the fabric, and it always works neatly for me.

First, make a small flour pouch, any flour you have, and secure it with elastic.
Second, print out the templates or artworks you want then use a needle to prick through the out-lines

Next, just slightly tab the flour pouch on the pricked template, just for flour to go through the tiny holes

Now your template is perfectly transfered to the fabric, ready to be embroidered. When it's finished you can just brush away the excess flour with a very damp cloth, and you'll have a perfect embroidery for your neat project.

Isn't it easy....Happy embroidering....crafty people.

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