Friday, December 3, 2010

Fun to Give, Gifts for Everyone

Gift Boxed Items

This time of year is the time when my hands get cramp, have no times to spend in front of a computer writing a blog, and I'm totally happy with it. It means that my hands are working hard to keep up with all the orders in my Etsy shop.

There were big and small orders coming through, sometimes, at the same time, which makes my adrenaline runs high

The Dough Pot, Love My Heart

The Scallop, Travel Underwear Bags

Some orders came with lovely stories which gave me a big smile, and made me want to do the best for my customers, and the best part of all this is.....when they came back and let me know how happy they are after receiving the products.....

The Linen Underwear Bags and Passport Holders are the big hit this time. They make great gift through out the year.

To give all buyers more choices, I added two new colors - black and blue- to the collection, and will definitely add more when the fabric is available.

Passport Holder for Two Books

The newest item added to my shop is the Wine Bottle Tote Bags in linen fabric. I just love when I receive a bottle of wine in a cute little tote. It makes me feel like I receive more than just a bottle of wine - there is more thought put into that given wine.

Wine Bottle Tote Bags

The Urban Scarf collection also has new color - Oxford Grey - can't live without the grey.

I personally love these scarfs because of its light weight that doesn't make me feel too heavy on the neck yet still warm enough to get through the winter blast...I've been using them since. The yarn itself is very soft and light. It has wool mixed with acrylic for an easy care.

Urban Scarfs

I'm keeping my hands busy as much as I can, trying to add more items, more variety into the shop for all buyers. Trying to beat the times with my two hands is very challenging, but it truly fun and never get tired.

Feel Good Keyboard Wrist Cushion



Julie said...

I just came across the travel underwear bags and LOVE them. Etsy is telling me there is only 1 available in the natural color. How can I get more? Looking for 12. Thank you!

pui, ปุย said...

Hi Julie,

I can set up the list of 12 bags for you to place the order at my Etsy shop.

Do you have an Etsy account? Please let me know if there is any thing I can help.