Friday, June 4, 2010

Oops! Just When I Thought I'd Ruined My Satin

In Summer, I tend to live my life in satin. All of my cushion and pillow covers will be changed to satin covers. I just love the silkiness touching my skin when the weather outside is hot and sticky. Satin gives me a cool and comfortable feeling to snug with.

Last week I decides to make new orange satin covers for this Summer, and I thought I'd ruined it.

People who work with satin know too well that satin frays like crazy when you cut it, to make it easy to work with, I treated the cut edges with fray-stopper liquid, and that's when the problem started.

After I finished applying the liquid on the fabric, I lifted it up, the wind blew, the still-wet edges swung all over touching the other part of fabric.....I thought that's it!!....My beautiful satin was ruined.

But then, the window opened. I thought since this liquid was going to stain my fabric, I would make it stains even more, beautifully of course.

According to the company, you can just use alcohol to rub off the unwanted spot happened by this liquid, but I see the advantage of it....I'd make flower pattern for the plain satin with this liquid....and...Voila!....I'd got a handmade pattern satin.

It is good to do freehand drawing, so that it blends with the free-from stains, and it will not be noticed.

I sprayed them with water and pressed with warm iron to make it stay stick and hit the sewing machine. Here is my new silky orange satin makes my feel good, totally.

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Kara Bay said...

These pillow covers are GORGEOUS. What a brilliant way to work out a problem without having to sacrifice the whole project and your beautiful fabric. I like the fabric even better with the freehand flowers than I think I would have if it remained plain. Lovely work!