Saturday, May 29, 2010

Finally, A Summer Skirt

I am so confused with the weather day by day. I don't event know anymore what the season I am in right now. Yesterday was and easy Spring, today is a steamy Summer. In someday, I had Spring and Summer and Winter all together within the same day.....totally need some herbal tea.

First, I thought I'd wait until Summer came to start making Summer clothes. It just feels so good to start the changing season with new clothes, but then, the next day it was Summer!!... summer skirts are not yet ready.

My mom's old beautiful Indonesian batik sarong fabric I brought back from Thailand.

I got panic and went into digging the fabric bag thinking I HAVE to make them now then the weather man said, the next day, it would stay cold throughout a week.....well....better to do other things that needs to get done first then....

it's just killing me when having new clothes hanging there and wouldn't be able to wear them right away.

Now, it's a time - the weather man says so - and again, I believe him, so I made a pattern of this easy, breezy Summer skirt for the "starter" and I love it :)

The last time I went back to Thailand I brought back many pieces of Thai sarong fabrics including my mom's old Indonesian batik sarong fabric. She wanted to give me new pieces but I didn't want it. I asked her for those that she already wore because they are soft and I can smell her when I wear them.

From one piece of mom's sarong can be made into two skirts with totally two different patterns because of the unique pattern design of this kind of fabric.

I have another side with beautiful bold flowers left that I can't decide if it's going to be another skirt or a new pair of shorts.

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