Friday, April 9, 2010

Let's Pack and Travel.

New York to Japan from above

It's time to travel people. Let's pack your bags and fly high to somewhere solitude to lift up your spirits and recharge your energy in this time of year.

Do you check your passport, to see if it is in good shape? Do you know that your passport has to be valid more than six months in order to leave the country, and do you have anything to put all traveling documents in one place?.....

Please check out my Travel collection at my shop if you want your travel to be more easier.

Studiowonjun Passport Holders

Passport Holder for Two Books
They really help you organize your travel matter. My husband and I used to be struggled with trying to keep all traveling documents together - passport books, tickets, boarding passes, airline cards etc. - in one unfunctional passport holder, and it was always a mess.

So I decided I have to do something before taking a next trip, and this is how I designed these passport holder for two books. No more Mr. and Mrs. messy at the airport anymore.

Kor Ma beach, Pa-Ngan island, Thailand

Another item that I think would make you be more comfortable when travel is my

Travel Underwear Bags

It really helps me keeping my privacy in where they should be, and putting me at ease of knowing that we are all subjects for a random check for the airport security matter, and that all my underwear will not jump out and say hello to everybody there.

Studiowonjun Travel Underwear Bags

Happy traveling everybody.


SweetLime313 said...

Pui, I don't think I ever thanked you for the passport holder you made for me and myhusband. This post reminded me how useful and lovely it is! Thank You!! We traveled to India last December and your custom passport holder was a god-send :) I'm sad to say they hubby had to go to bangkok with out me but he LOVED it. Mayber we'll make another trip soon! You can see a couple pictures from our trip on my blog if you like.

pui, ปุย said...

Hi Blanca,

Glad to see you here. Thank you so much for the update of your trip. I am happy that you love my passport holder. I'm following your blog now.