Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Fly Me to The Beach

Shouldn't we suppose to feel Spring? Instead we all feel Summer here in New York. It's 92F in Central park today. I am so confused.

Anyway this hot air put me in the mood of beaching already, though we just came back from our vacation in Thailand.

Haad Kuad beach, Pa-Ngan island, Thailand

We spent almost half of our times there on the island and beaches. When I was living in BKK I usually drag myself out of the hectic city to the beaches every three months.

with my little friend, Morgan, my friend's son.

It's been almost four years since the last time I had been on the beaches in Thailand and I was just craving.

When we were on the island we mostly stayed at our best friend's house and then went to stay at the Haad Kuad Resort by the beach owned by my friend's friend and we had a blast.

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