Saturday, September 5, 2009

Purses for Sister

These are the purses from my experiment inspired by my aunt purse. They came out pretty good. I decided to give these dainty purses to my younger sister as a gift.

I know she will get to use them as evening bags, she always has parties to go to. Now that I am retried from being a party goer, I assist my sister instead.

My sister and I are very close. When we were living together, before I moved to New York, we shared the closet. I worn hers, she worn mine, mostly mine because I was already working at that time when she still was in school, so the big sister always get to buy.

She is now a working woman with a promising job in real estate business that keeps her busy all the time, and a lot of parties to go to.

Also, now that I love being a maker instead of an user, I wish we were still living together, so we could play dressing-up as we always do. Only this time I get to make, she gets to use, it's going to be a lot more fun of it.

Still, even though we are thousand miles away, I always buy stuffs for her when I see somethings that I know are so her, and she loves it. She has a perfect body that always fits in any type of clothes easily, and that is fun for me to buy or make things for her.

My sister, Fon, and I in my last trip back home in Thailand

My lady in front of the big yellow doors in Wad Po, Thailand

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Louise said...

SO cute! That's so sweet that you always make stuff for her even though she's miles away. The purses are beautiful! x