Friday, July 17, 2009

Street Fair

I thought I would just taking a quick walk to a post-office and make a quick look at Farmer market to see if I could grab some plants and go home and work on my summer dress laying on the table, my husband designed to joined me at Farmer market thinking of just a little walk around.

We were about to cross the Broadway and walked home when we saw a street fair stared on 18 st., we changed direction, and from there, we ended up got home at 11 pm.

They set it up on both lanes of the roads walled by beautiful tall buildings along Broadway, created such a contrast atmosphere between the city vibe and the market vibe. This is how I love New York. The city is full of contrast to itself.

We just strolled around, didn't have anything in particular to buy, still I went home with three beautiful small ceramic dipping bowls.

Started out as a quick walk at Farmer market, our day ended at Go, the Sushi place across the street from our apartment.

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