Monday, July 20, 2009

New Summer Dress In Time

How many summer days have left!....I hope it's not too late for me to swing my new summer dress I just finished it yesterday. I said it to myself that I would have a new summer dress as soon as the summer air hit my skin, but, as usual, a lot of things need to get done first.

No more complain because I'm wearing it today, eventually. And I am loving it. It's so airy and comfy.

It took me three days to work on it along with running around for other things else, two days of measurement, making new sloper, new pattern, and one day of sewing. My old sloper needs to be correct, so I decided to do it all over including the measurement. I have been putting it off for quite a while.

Now I've got everything right, the fitting is perfect, ready to make myself more dresses that fit my body beautifully. I have to pay a hundred-up if I bought this type of dress at Anthropologie.

I used the light weight 100% linen for the top part, nothing is more comfortable wearing in the summer time than linen. I am so addicted to it. The skirt part is made out of Indonesian batik print cotton we call sarong fabric, given by my aunt the last time we went back to Thailand.

A friend of her gave them to her as a gift from Indonesia, but she isn't a sarong person, so she saved them for me because she knows how crazy I am about this fabric. It is a tight woven 100% cotton. The more you wear, the softer and more comfortable it will be.

I also covered all buttons with the skirt fabric. They came out lovely. Now I see that it made a beautiful dress, I want to make more out of this fabric. The sad thing is, this is my last piece of sarong fabric I have.

This dress fits me perfectly. I now know why my aunt has all of her clothes custom make.


Alexis said...

i love this dress! what pattern did you use?

pui, ปุย said...

Hi Alexis

I made my own pattern for this dress.

Pimporn said...

หายเงียบไปเลยนะคะคุณ ไปตัดชุดมานี่เอง ชุดน่ารักมากเลยนะ

ปาท่องโก๋ดิชั้นยังไม่สำเร็จนะคะ เศร้ามาก แต่ถ้าหลับตาทานมันก็โอเคละคะคุณ

Dorothy said...

Beautiful dress!! I just love it... Congrats on your new beautiful summer dress!!

pui, ปุย said...

Hi Dorothy,

Thank you for stopping by. I couldn't get in your site anymore. I saw it changed into something else.

Blackmagpie said...

oh wow, that dress is beautiful! and i love the fabric. all swooshy!