Sunday, April 19, 2009

My Violet

We hit 70 degree on Saturday and that had brought me into a flower mood again. The weather was very nice. People rambled the city with their summer clothes already. There were at least two big street fairs in my neighborhood setting two blogs away from each other.

In this kind of day, staying inside an apartment all day is a crime, so we went out. I craved for flowers and colors as usual when the weather was nice and beautiful. This is what I brought home with me, an African Violet which I know nothing about how to take care of it. I just feel that my room needs a roommate who can bloom and I will find the way to take a good care of her.

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kay said...

เค้าไม่ชอบแดดแจ๋ๆแรงๆนะ ไม่ชอบน้ำเยอะเพราะเดี๋ยวจะเฉาน้ำได้

ที่บ้านรดน้ำอาทิตย์ละครั้งละ เพิ่งเคยเลี้ยงน้องแอ๊ฟครั้งแรกเหมือนกันละ