Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I See Sea Corals

Once upon a time :) ....... I used to see these fabric yo-yo as a grandma craft, in which I would never see myself sitting in a corner of the room and making them. Those ugly yo-yo window shades at my aunt's house stuck in my mind as I grew up. My cousin, aunt's daughter, obsessed with making them.

One window shade was made out of tons of fabric yo-yos which were made out of varieties of print fabric, stitched together into one big piece of crazy yo-yos and then turned into a window shade. They looked confusing to me and made me feel dizzy just to look at them. That is why our house was the only house in the neighborhood that didn't have yo-yo window shades. As a pain seven year-old girl, I didn't allow my mom to make one.

Today my attitude towards yo-yo has changed since my eyes are opened by a book called The Art of Manipulating Fabric by Colette Wolff. The book is all about teaching you how to manipulate the fabric into interesting shapes and forms.

As I go through the whole book, all I can see is an interesting 2D art form on canvas - the textures, shapes, forms that creates light on flat surface make it very interesting. And that made me sit in the corner of my room and started to make yo-yo.

Still, I am not willing to make yo-yo window shades. I have another picture in my mind - they look like sea corals, the kind that stick on another big brain corals under the ocean. They are now the sea corals sticking on my wall when I am far away from my tropical ocean.

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