Monday, September 29, 2008

Malee Clutch, a simple zebra that's not quite a simple

After all summer of not be able to make new things to my shop, I finally finished a Malee purse - a faux fur, zebra prints clutch I always wanted to have one in my closet. It is just kind of a little dramatic choice that you want to have one.

It's still a simple, clean lines structure balanced out with bold graphic, the zebra print. These fashion classics never lose its statement and can be trickier than they appear. It's all about how much you know them. They can look stunningly luxe if you know how to wear them or a bit cheap if you're fail to get it right.

There are some rules to get it exactly right when it comes to zebra print.
• The bigger the print, the better.
• Go with simple, clean lines when it comes to coats.
• Make an effort to avoid grays or creams - stark black on pure white is the most dramatic impact you need to stick with.

Now I can die happily that I have one in my closet. I believe every women should add a little animal print to their life. You never know when an animal instinct inside you will kick in.

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