Sunday, September 28, 2008

Feel Good To Be Back

I am back-back to my "normal" life, doing sketching, sewing, getting creative and having fun with new ideas after the whole summer filled with stress to remodeling the whole apartment. We were lucky enough to have Roger and Wanyi living with us while they were in New York for their show at NY Gift Fair. Roger helped us fine the studs, gave us some tips and put up all the shelves we need. Now my husband has new toys - all of those tools to build things. He always wanted to have them, but there are so many of them and he doesn't know what to buy. Now he has all he needs and I bet, it will be more to come.

I finally have what I can call - a tiny studio. It is a nice small space in the living room next to the window and the sofa to the right. We live in a small space of New York City, and that we need to make the most out of the space we have. We decides we would make this room a working - living space and moved the bed to a small room sine we spend most of the time in a working - living area. Again, Roger helped us get the heavy shelf up and later my husband installed the light underneath, but they are not really practical - not bright enough for working purpose, but hey! looks nice already. Like Wanyi said, now you have the right energy in this room, and yes, that's all I need to sit down and work on my idea.

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