Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Earthy HP Soap

     I've been making soap for 8 years, mostly just for the use of my own family, and everybody loves it because we all know how gentle they are for our skin. I don't really go around giving my soaps to people who isn't familiar with handmade soaps. Some people don't feel comfortable with handmade soaps, and might toss my precious bars made with good quality of oils and butters into a bin, and that's understandable, but no, with all expensive oils and butters, my soaps aren't belong to the bin, also I am not a kind of pushy person, so I just happily give it to those who interests and asks for and really want to try.

    Like all my close friends, from Thailand, they know that I make my own soaps, and they never have any interests in it before, so I never tell them how good handmade soaps are until lately. Some of my friends saw pictures of my soaps I posted on FB, and all of the sudden, they wanted to try handmade soaps. So when a friend of mine came to NYC, I gave a batch of ten bars of cocoa butter soaps to her to bring back to Thailand and she shared with everyone. Now all of them love it and ask for more.

    lately, I made four batches of ten bars in different natural addictive for this group of friends again when she said that she was coming to NYC, and happy to carry more than three kilo of soap all the way back to Thailand. In return, she carried all kind of Thai goods, like yummy salted king fish, many kinds of dry Num-Prik (Thai chili dipping) and much more with her and gave it to we are going back to a stone age when people exchange things for living, and I love it.

   It is a good thing to give things to people who really understand the value of it because they will always treasure it.

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