Thursday, March 14, 2013

HP Charcoal Soap

I love making soap, but, lately, I was so busy with my sewing machine, and my soap pot was abandoned until the last bar of all the soaps I made for the past five years was used, then I woke up! I have to say that I was a little panic knowing that there were no more soaps in the shelf....and I can't live with the idea that I have to go back and buy soaps again....So I had to leave the sewing machine, and got back to a soap pot, Fast!

There was no time for CP soap, our last bar was as thin as paper, the CP soaps takes at least three weeks to cure, and I couldn't wait.

The HP soaps have become my emergency soaps, since I can use them as soon as the soaps dry. This batch of charcoal soap is my third batch of HP soaps, and the first batch that I had time taking photos of them....Even though HP soaps are so easy and fast to make, the CP soaps are still my favorite when it comes to making soaps.

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