Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ho-So Oversized Tunic

This wool tunic is now my favorite piece wearing around the house for this winter. It's cozy, warmth and oh-so easy to make, so, I made two - one with the soft light wool fabric another with the cotton linen for the breezy weather to come, and thinking of making more in the future

This time I followed the instructions form one of the Japanese pattern book in have, of course, I can't read a word from this book. This book doesn't come with the working actual patterns like they normally do, you have to make your own patterns by following the instructions provided inside the book.

The how-to-make-patterns instructions is easy to follow due to the style of the tunic, which is based on the square patterns that can be adapted, and make into all different pants, blouses, skirts and dresses.

When I first saw the book, I fell in love with the minimal and quirky style of the all the clothes presented in the book. They all look effortless with clean lines, and yet fun to put together.

I chose this pattern to make first since I've been looking for the house clothes that is easy and comfortable to wear around the house during the winter, and this oversize tunic is definitely a keeper.

The next project to come would be the drop crotch pants, square blouses and skirts. Because the love of the boxy, baggy, loosely style, this book's worth my money.

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