Friday, July 27, 2012

Little joy with my first time lingerie making

I'm so excited, I've finally done it after a year of gathering enough nerve to do so. This magical area had struck me the first time, a year ago, I accidentally stumped on Novita's blog featuring her oh-so-stunning lingerie sets she made them jaw just dropped - you can make beautiful lingerie sets yourself???....I'm in, but, don't know where and how to start.

I spent days and days reading her blog, and thanks to her works and her kind heart sharing all the info using in lingerie making, and it inspires me so much.

I did some searching for material supplies, and found Bra-makers Supply where I bought the Bra and Panty patterns, and because of I was a newbie, and didn't know where to start, I opted for a kit, making sure I got every thing on my table....and it's been sitting on my shelf for a year.


The fabrics that came in the kit are such beautiful print and lace lingerie fabrics, and they make me nervous cutting them for the first time of trying my hand on making them, so I decided to buy a cheep plain stretch fabric to try on...

I have no knowledge  of  working with stretch fabric at all...just get in the store and feel the fabric, and I came home with this lovely light orangey, thin, stretch fabric for $5 a yard, 2 yard of lingerie elastic, enough for me to make many mistakes, and they also don't cut the fabric less than a yard.

To calm my nerve, I started with making the panty - less complicated - only tree pieces of tiny fabric, lingerie elastic and zigzag stitches, a good start for me to get to know and feel comfortable with the fabric and testing the pattern.

I chose the view B pattern in small size, and it turned out the crotch was a bit too wide, so I made  little alterations on the crotch and the leg opening area to make it more of a perfect fit.


Though the stitches are still not that perfect, I am totally pleased with the fit. It fits comfortably after alterations, and I'll stick with it for the next one with prettier fabrics.

After getting comfortable with making two panty, and enough courage, the next day I was up for the bra, working with the same testing fabric, and the pretty light corn-flower blue lingerie elastic I have in my stash because I ran out of those 2 yards black lingerie elastic, following up the directions come with the patterns, and I ended up with this already cute and comfortable bra I ever wear.

There is no need for alteration on the bra pattern, everything fits my 34B size perfectly, event the strap length - no need for strap adjusters at all. For the band hook set and the underwires, I used the old materials taken form my old bras, which I've been collecting and saving them for a while, and they work perfectly.


Still, I can't believe I can make pretty lingerie set myself, not only that they are pretty, they are comfortable even though with the underwires on, which what has been torturing me since day one of getting to know to wear them, and they are the first thing I take off when I get home.

With this set, I have been wearing them the whole day, today, and still haven't felt any uncomfortable that need to be taken them off like I used to be, so something must be right.   


I still need a little work on the stitches attaching the wire channelling, and I believe the rest will be wild from here.

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