Monday, April 23, 2012

Long Skirt For Long Spring Chill

It seems that the cold weather will never go away, we were tricked into a summer-like kind of day a few times and then it all fell back into cold days again and again.To me this season is the most confusing season to get dress, the heavy clothes feel too warm, the light clothes feel too cold.

I'm not kind of a layer-girl, my mind does not work well with putting too many pieces on my body - too complicated! Finding a single piece that does a good work to cover my body is always challenging to me.

And this one skirt is my luck recently, last time I went to the garment district, I found this soft chambray cotton for $5 a yard, I bought it for two yards knowing it's gonna make a beautiful long full skirt, and yes, it was. I used up the whole two yards with 57" in width. The fabric itself makes perfect full skirt, the length is also perfect just to cover the feet, and not sweeping the floor, which I love.

My first attention was to make it as as a summer skirt judging from the fabric, which is kind of light, it ended up made such a perfect skirt for the spring chill as well.

It is light for summer breeze, and warm enough for spring chill, now that's my happy skirt.

I can wear only this skirt with long sleeves in the house and go out running errands in chilly days without extra layers in a flash...Love that! Just like they say, when buying store clothes, "Once it fits, grab every colors they have." I'll look for more fabric and make more of this.


prema said...

Dear Chantima,

Your blog came up today when I was searching for "Thai batik". It was my best accidental find of the year. Your blog is amazing, and simply inspiring. I appreciate how you have taken great care to present your concept and creations here. Honestly, your blog was a joy to read.

I have a length of west african batik that I have been meaning to make into a long skirt. Unlike you, I am not a natural seamstress. When I saw your black & white tartan/check skirt, I fell in love with the design. I would like to make a similar skirt, but have no idea how to make one. Unlike you, I am not a natural seamstress. I would like to try though. Could you please let me know if there is a pattern for this skirt I could follow? I would really love to make this skirt. Thanks!

pui, ปุย said...

Hi Prema,

Thank you very much for stopping by my blog. I am so glad knowing that some of the stuffs I've created can inspire someone to create more and more.

As for this skirt, I didn't use any commercial patterns. It's made based on the basic dirndl style skirt. Basically, that means that the pattern is composed of two rectangles for the skirt body, and one for the waistband.I bought two yard of in 57" width, and used them all up.

You can also follow the tutorial from this blog. Gertie made the easy tutorial to follow up.

I hope you will enjoy making them.


Prema said...

Thanks Chantima. I will certainly give it a go very soon. Looking forward to reading about more of your beautiful creations. Blog on!