Saturday, December 31, 2011

Needle Felting On My Shoulder

Call for wool sweaters!.... It's time for me to dig up my closet only to find out that most of my wool sweaters are in black and grey color, and I am bored out of them already - after a few wears of the winter times - still, they are in good condition, and not yet deserved to be in a donation bin.

Buying new clothes for the new season is always a delightful, but....I don't these pass two or three years, I feel like going to the stores getting some new clothes isn't the real fun for me any more.....maybe it's part of me getting old.

So, instead of buying a new sweater this year, I'd rather have some fun jazzing up what I already have in the closet, and get excited with the end results better.

One easy way I've found to make an old plain and boring sweater into a new interesting piece is to add some fun embellishment using needle felting technique.

I saw these felting project on Martha Stewart 's show, long time ago. The show featured the works of a woman who made tiny, beautiful sweaters for children out of the adult old sweaters, and embellished them with needle felting in all kind of cute animals and flowers felting.

The fact that I never get to know this kind of crafting technique before, it got my attention, and made me want to try my hands on it.

As soon as I found the needle felting kit at a craft store, I grabbed them right away, even though didn't really know what I was going to do with them just then.

Though I'm sure those lovely sweaters made by the lady on the show are really cute to die for, I don't think it would make me look darn cute wearing them with all kind of animals and flowers all over the sweater, so the kit has got to be sitting silently in a craft box for quite sometimes waiting for the right ideas to come.

And here we are - the right idea pop up in my mind in the middle of me making a new pair of wool, winter pants - just like that.

During the process of making the pants,  my mind wandered off thinking of what kind of top to be wearing with, and the gray wool sweater was one of them.....only's got to be the interesting piece. So, let's make one!

I decided to go with a little white birdie on one shoulder of my old J. Crew wool sweater using wool sheet cut-out instead of wool roving - making it more easier to cut out the perfect shape - then got on the sketching, cut out the birdie template and later the wool sheet following the template, placed it on the right side of the sweater, inserted the brush base inside the sweater, right where the birdie is, and started working the needles.

Just keep pushing the needle tube up and down supporting by a brush base, making sure the needles get on all over the felt cut-out, the tiny barbs on the needles will automatically do the magic - sticking the cut-out felt onto the sweater in the wink.....and my plain sweater isn't that so plain anymore.

A little birdie on my shoulder.

This is what the inside sweater looks like after finishing the felting.

Go a head, if you want to go crazy with all kind of felt animals, flowers, houses, trees.........have fun with it.

Happy New Year Everyone.

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Living my 40s said...

OMG, looks easy.. even for me. great Idea!