Thursday, December 1, 2011

Carrot Pants with Traditional Thai Pattern Fabric

Here comes, my new carrot pants. I've finally got it done - right before Holiday orders strike my studio, and that 'd be no times for me to play.

I got this gorgeous Thai sarong cotton fabric from Noom's auntie a year ago, and really love it. The pattern is beautiful, the color combination is rich. I just knew that it could be made into one beautiful pants, but didn't know then what kind of pants it was going to be.

Until I saw a pants in Vivienne Westwood 's Red label, 2011 collection. It was a loose knee length pants in stripe with the color combinations similar to my fabric, and that made the picture of my pants even clearer.

But, I know for sure, I won't look as cute in those knee length pants as it is on those skinny models, so I decided to go with carrot pants.

I got on the floor making my own patterns, and fitting tested with old cotton bed linen, which is no longer used for bedding before jumping on the real fabric, and I love how the whole thing's turned out - the print, the colors and the pants style, all come together so well.

The important thing that satisfies me most is that it fits my body nicely, I can move freely - don't feel any pull there, or the tuck it so much that I'm now working on the second pair with a really lovely floral print in rayon fabric.

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