Sunday, February 20, 2011

Recycling Fabric Remnants to A New Cushion

I am one of those people who feels guilty throwing away all things fabric, which I happen to have a lot. So, I finally found the way to recycle fabric remnants I'd been collecting for a while.

I save most of the fabric remnants after each cut, the big pieces go to one bag for later use, the smaller pieces go to another bag waiting to be cut into tiny pieces.

I also have a chair that needs a cushion since it's very old and has been serving my butt with its not so strong legs. Lately, I found some of my knitted pants were torn by this old dude more and more.....

Enough! need a cushion...Chairrr!

I thought of these tiny remnants I've been cutting and saving in a big shopping bag, had no idea then what to do with them, only knew I didn't want to throw them away.

Now, it's a perfect time. I'll use them for a new cushion stuffing.

I measured a seat, made fabric cut and hit the sewing machine. I first thought of making it with beautiful fun print cotton then changed my mind to the plain off-white medium weight cotton instead cause I plan to make a cover for it later, so it will be washable.

Ready to's a good idea not to stuff cushion on a rug.

It's a 17" x 15" x 2" boxed cushion. I decided to use up all shopping bag full of fabric remnants in order to cover the later collapse.

And, I've got a new cushion along with being able to get rid off, at least, one bag of the fabric remnants....sweet!

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