Saturday, February 5, 2011

Kimono Sleeves Pullover

My new project is done, and I love it already. After a long debating whether to transform this beautiful wool fabric into a cape with hoodie or a pullover, I finally got an answer.

Judging by how versatile it's going to be and my own personal habit, the pullover's won.

If it was a cape, I could only wear it when I was outside, with the pullover, I could wear it all.

So I made up the kimono sleeves patterns and chose 1 1/2" built-up bateau neckline to go with the kimono sleeves, just thought that they go together beautifully, only to realized later that I should have made it, at least, 2 " so that the built-up could really be prominent.

It's fully lined with grey silk lining....I first thought I have enough black lining in the cabinet, but it turned out it was all used, so I had to grab this grey lining instead.

I couldn't help adding a tiny peek of orange as front pockets, since orange is my color. First, I thought that it's going to be plain with noting accent, but I know, I cannot live with that, so there they are....a peek of orange.

Now that, I can have a good sleep.

I love this kimono sleeve already. It's so easy to make, nothing too complicated. The fabric has a perfect weight, and falls nicely.

I also love that it complements my body, suits my easy dress codes, and if I wanted to dress up a bit, I could just belt it with a nice leather belt, I'll be good to go in a flash.