Thursday, January 6, 2011

Feel Good Key Pouch

A new member in Feel Good Dolls family

After two productive months of holidays season, I finally have time to play and be a Crafty Head again before getting start on new items for the shop.

I felt itchy for new projects, really wanted to try and make something new and fun for myself, so I started with cleaning up all the "Accessory" of my purse.

This is how my purse always looks like. There are all keys, store cards, a hand grenade shopping bag and an eight year old terrier key ring charm, which is falling apart, threaded together in one ring, attached to the purse - feeling like a building-keeper the whole time.

The fact that I'm always paranoid of losing the keys, so I have to find something that is big enough to hold my key ring and make me feel safe every times I run my hand through my big bag trying to find the key ring at the bottom of the bag.

And yes, I feel safe this way because I don't like holding too many things in one hands, if I can put them together, I rather do it, and when they are put together in a bunch, they don't get lost easily....I think?

But, if I happened to lose them in a'd be the end of my world....knock on wood!

I've been reading my friend, Pim 's blog, featuring her mom's cute handmade key pouches, she made as gifts for friends, and was inspired, thinking it's such a good idea to make one for my key ring.

I started to see the good things of this key pouch. It hides all ugly rusty keys, prevents the keys to scratch everything they come to contact with- like camera, phone when they are all together in one bag.

I couldn't wait for the next day, so I could take better pictures in natural light while I making it, and started making it that night without knowing how to do so, but I 'd find my way anyway.

And this is how I ended up with - The Feel Good key pouch from the Feel Good family.

Aren't they cute!!...well, I think they are. Thanks for Pim's blog and her mom, Ar-Jan Suanboon, for the inspiration.

I love it already - even my hubby thinks it's cute and practical for me too, he said that I should have made it long time ago - he hates it when I put DSLR camera in my bag with the keys in there.

This is my first key pouch, and I can see there would be the second, and the third, and the forth, and the......for sure.

This one's made with the remnant of one of my summer rompers. It'd be match when I wear that rompers....too cute...maybe not!

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